Nicki Minaj busty at the 2012 American Music Awards

Whoever had broken Nicki Minaj’s heart must not have seen the body enclosing it. This R&B singer-songwriter just discarded the gowns and concerts for a quick photoshoot in her undies. And boy, this hottie surely has the fuck-me-now bod.

Just look at how she has to grope those hooters to keep them from falling. I never really regarded her as the stripper kind but with that hot body, I’d have to wonder why she never considered it. I know many would love to see her grind that sexy ass on the dance floor while slowly taking each piece of clothing off. Or gyrate her waist seductively on one of those metal poles and tease our hard ons to hell. She sure could have easily paid off those bankruptcy claims if she had changed careers instead. I’d pay to see that naked body raunchily sexing a vibrator on stage. But that’s just me.

And don’t fret you horndogs, as I can see there’s still plenty of time for her to change her mind. Although if we don’t get lucky, at least we still have these pictures of Nicki Minaj spreading her pussy wide for all us to masturbate over.

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Hot Cleavage And Bikini Photos Of Mel B While On A Speedboat

“Every ship has it’s own personality, the tricks it does, the foibles it has.” That’s why this former “Spice Girl” and “X-Factor” judge, Melanie Brown or most commonly known as Mel B finds her speedboat the best place to relax and do sunbathing. Catch her feeling the breeze of cool air underneath the sun while sporting her sexy lingeries in these sets of pics inside Ebony Hollywood.

See her displaying her awesome and delightful ebony flair while sporting Ebony Hollywooda petite black bra for her top and floral panty as she enjoys one fine and sunny day on a speedboat with her man! Maybe she really needs to relax a bit after attending the Waverly Local Court in Sydney last thursday (November 1, 2012) and seeking to take out an apprehended violence order against Australian paparazzi Jamie Fawcett.

I can’t think of anything nasty to say at this sweet and charming ebony celeb, Mel B, I just envy her and that makes me so eager to have my vacation too with my own boat. For now, enjoy these sweet speedboat sunbathing, hot cleavage and bikini photos of Mel B! To see more hot ebony celebs getting sexy, skanky and scandalous, head on over at Ebony Hollywood today!

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Kat Graham cleavy candid pics

Here are some sweet candid photos of ebony celeb Kat Graham antd her tasty looking cleavage for all you fans of Ebony Hollywood. The hot young ebony celeb done us all an amazing favor, smiling eagerly to the came while took pictures of her sweet cleavage,. These out and about photos of Kat Graham gives us great views of her ample bussoms and we like what we see.

The sultry young ebony celeb has her bras on, but that didn’t matter. The loose fitting blouse that Kat Graham is wearing on this candid photos gave excellent opportunities for us to gawk and feast on her delicious looking ebony boobies. Which gives us enough inspiration to imagine what this ebony celeb’s nipples may look like. I’m thinking rich dark choco.

I can’t think of anything nasty to say at this sweet and charming ebony celeb, Kat Graham is just that cute. But I do hope she knows that she owes us all at least some boob slip photos in the near future for being good to her. We will be waiting Kat, we will be waiting. For now, enjoy these sweet cleavage photos of Kat Graham! To see more hot ebony celebs getting sexy, skanky and scandalous, head on over at Ebony Hollywood today!

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Red Carpet Photos Of Tyra Bank And Her Classy Cleavage

The paparazzi caught the sassy and forever seductive super model Tyra Banks as she shines at The Blossom Ball’s red carpet event a couple of nights ago. The ANTM hostess is looking her usual self, and that’s sexy, glamorous and down right sensual! This ebony celeb posed for the cams while wearing a strapless black and grey outfit complete with matching sparkling jewelries. But it’s not what attracted us this classy and very sexy photos of Tyra Banks. It’s her yummy cleavage!

The ebony super model topped the night and made other female celebs who attended the event look like rags. Yes, I was pertaining to granny movie actress Susan Surandon and reality show whore Padma Lakshmi. Although they all look sexy wearing their signature clothes and styles, Tyra Bank totally made them look like D-listers. Just check out the photos of super model Tyra Banks’ cleavage and it’ll totally make you forget about the other Hollywood sluts around here.

I don’t know if it’s this ebony runway stars’ Harvard education, her high intellect or that unique ebony allure that keeps her looking smart, fresh and absolutely sexy all through the years. But whatever it is, we just hope that she’ll continue to look as hot as she is on these photos. There’s more sexy as well as more scandalous pics and videos of Tyra Banks to see and enjoy inside Ebony Hollywood! Drop by today and get your hands on the hottest, sexiest and latest ebony celebrity content!

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Christina Milian’s Red-Hot Figure And Red-Hot Cleavage Pictures

Ebony Hollywood caught up with scorching hot celebrity Christina Milian the other day and she’s showing off her large and tasty choco flavored cleavage! The sultry dark skinned super star is flaunting her red-hot curves and that ample set of boobies while at some premiere screening of Just Dance 4 somewhere in Los Angeles. The pretty dark skinned celebrity is rocking that all red ensemble and she’s really feeling it. Prime proof are those amazingly perky set of tits which looks like they are ready to bust out on these photographs of Christina Milian.

It seems that everything is on the up and up for the this choco skinned movie celebrity slash singer. Yes aside from her upright set of ebony breasts, her career looks perky as well. For such a young Hollywood newcomer, this sultry and booby choco celeb has already released three albums, one of the top stars of the Bring It On movie franchise and other scorching hot movie hits. I don’t know about her acting, but I’m guessing all that success is brought by those delectable looking jugs. I mean any movie producer would give her as break if Christina Milian performances off at a casting call with boobs like in these scorching hot snaps!

Heck if I was a media mogul I’d offer this young choco super star her very own TV network with a one hour time slot that will just focus on those lovely jugs! If you want to see more of this sultry choco skinned celeb’s hot hooters and more sexy, lecherous and even explicitly photos and videos of more Hollywood choco stars like here, head on over at Ebony Hollywood today!

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Ciara And Her Ample Choco Breasts And Stiff Nips Says Hi

Ciara and her boobs are sizzling up the pages of Ebony Hollywood this week for her awesome sideboobs and nipple flashing combo! The luscious and sensually amped ebony celeb is showing off her delectable bra-less hooters out in the open. She decided to skank it out on some red carpet event and the female pop celebrity is giving us exactly what we want. An open view of her tasty dark skinned boobs! Rarely do we see a nipple slip, side tit and tit slip combo in one but these sexy boob flashing sexy pictures of Ciara did all that.

I really think that the choco skinned celebrity intended to have her hooters photographed. We have been asking for some breasts flash from this young singing celebrity for quite so long and thankfully enough Ciara made it happened. Unfortunately, midway through the red carpet’s photo op, the sultry black celeb slash cock-tease became uncomfortable about her bra-less breasts hanging around. Check out Ciara’s side boob photos and look at her hands, it appears she’s not sure if she’ll button up her shirt, tuck in her breasts, pull out her breasts or what. Girl, if you’ve decided to skank it out, skank it out all the way.

Ciara needs to have a seminar from Lindsay Lohan. At least that bitch knows how to go all the way. But I’m not totally pissed, these are scorching hot still images of Ciara’s hooters. Not pissed at all. Grab your hands on more scandalous celeb moments with only the hottest choco stars of Hollywood only at Ebony Hollywood!

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Ebony Pop Idol Slash Hot Cougar Mariah Carey Is Curvy In A Tight Dress

Ebony Hollywood bring us these burning hot red carpet photos of forever sultry ebony celebrity Mariah Carey as she shows off that famous cleavage while smiling for the cams! The world renowned hit maker treated the paparazzi by striking alluring poses! The singing sensation clearly enjoyed all the attention, just look at her flashy smile! Well I bet those camera dudes were enjoying it too, the pictures of Mariah Carey episodes how big and sensuous her cleavage is in the wicked black dress!

Mariah Carey’s cleavy photographs proves that she is still a sex object and can easily outmatch and outshine any young starlet in Hollywood. Just check out this choco skinned celeb’s rack and you’ll know that they are packing some serious punch! I’m not actually a fan of music, but I am a fan of her impressive titties and this choco celeb’s eagerness to shamelessly display some skin while she’s out in public. Every single time this black Hollywood royalty goes out, there’s bound to be some sexy pictures of her cleavage, boobs and butt. This celebrity has all the right to do just that. I mean just look at the cleavy snapshots of Mariah Carey on this photo update, they are just wicked!

If you want to see more of the latest, sexiest, kinkiest and even the most explicit photographs and vids of burning hot dark skinned celebrities come by at Ebony Hollywood and check it all out today and get your hands on more choco celebrities slutting it out!

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Halle Berry Is Looking Delicious In Denim Shorts And A Bikini Top

Ebony Hollywood and Hollyood A-lister Halle Berry graces the pages of Ebony Hollywood this week and she’s sweet and yummy like a big bar of decadent chocolate. The sultry movie star is looking delicious while hanging out with some friends at the beach. These photos of Halley Berry really shows how hot the ebony celebrity is considering she’s already a certified cougar. Her short demin shorts and that blue bikini top gives us ample views of her delicious goods!

You can’t deny it. The photos of Halley Berry just proves that she’s still hot and skinny and her black boobs are still perky as they were when she played a sexy version of Catwoman several years back. If your thinking surgically enhanced boobies, I don’t think so. Halley Berry’s boobs are natural on MILFs like her. It is kinda unfortunate that we didn’t see any a boob slip or at least some nipple slip action. But hey, seeing photos of Halley Berry in a bikini is more than enough to keep our blood flowing.

For the latest sexy, scandalous and raunchy pictures and videos of hot ebony celebrities, come by at Ebony Hollywood!

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Hot Bikini And Lingerie Spread Of Ebony Super Model Emanuela de Paula

Ebony Hollywood brings you the hot and exotic allure of Brazilian model and certified ebony stunner, Emanuela de Paula! In case you don’t know her, this sultry light choco skinned celebrity is an international super model and one of Victoria Secret’s latest angels. The mocha skinned fashion celebrity has been going around the international runway circuit and fashion mag circle for quite some time and she’s always looking very sexy and extra sensual on each single shoot! It is just a pity that only fashion model fans know this sultry choco skinned model. So to get her some mileage, here’s the sexy photo gallery set of ebony fashion celeb Emanuela de Paula for you to feast on!

Aside from looking sensual and often times raunchy for Victoria’s Secret photos shoots or live fashion event, this celebrity runway hottie also sports sexy swimwear and nighties for the clothing brand Next. So seeing this leggy super model in bikinis, lingerie, bras and panties, skimpy swimsuit and any article of clothing that involves the beach, sex and lace is normal. Just check out Emanuela de Paula’s sultry poses in these bikini and lingerie pictures, it will help you appreciate that this babe does this for a living. More photos of her acting like a seductive nymphet means more spanking time for us!

Fortunately lingerie and bikinis will be with us until the world ends. It is one of the few reasons why the whole civilized world is still functioning. Imagine if bikini and lingerie photos of celebrities like ebony super model Emanuela de Paula isn’t as rampant as they are today…. there will be chaos. CHAOS!

To see more ebony celebrities, choco skinned super models and black Hollywood stars getting sexy on photos and videos, head on over at Ebony Hollywood today!

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Tia Mowry Gives A Slight Cameltoe Peak In Her Trendy Spandex Pants

Ebony Hollywood brings us a scorching hot cameltoe sighting in spandex in this week’s pic updates! The tasty cameltoe belongs to ebony star Tia Mowry who is seen in these snaps while she’s wearing a spandex outfit. The deliciously dark skinned star was caught flashing her plump cameltoe while she’s on her way to her pilates class.

I really think that this chocolate skinned celeb is intentionally flashing her muffin underneath that tight spandex. The whole world knows that female celebrities in spandex almost always get caught having photographs of their cameltoes taken. So a female Hollywood personality know for a fact that wearing tight and sexy spandex outdoors would guarantee getting her cameltoe pictures posted on the web in just a couple of seconds. That’s how skanky Tia Mowry is and her cameltoe snaps shows no signs of shame on this ebony celebrity. She shouldn’t be, that’s one extra fine cameltoe and I wonder if this ebony celeb is wearing panties underneath those workout trousers?

We just hope that there will be more cameltoe sightings of Tia Mowry! So keep it up girl, go ahead and do your pilates thing every day and make sure your wearing those tight spandex! There are more alluring photos of Tia Mowry and other hot ebony celebs to enjoy inside Ebony Hollywood, the best place to see dirty ebony celeb moments!

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