Vivica A. Fox’s foxy lingerie photos

Vivica A. Fox. The name alone sounds like a pornstar who appears a lot in hardcore anal sex and gives noisy blowjobs while she rubbed her loose-hanging clit. Unfortunately, Vivica A. Fox is not a pornstar, but a respectable Hollywood celebrity. Fortunately, she’s also sexy and is no stranger to shedding her clothes and baring her copper skin for the cameras.

But with curves like that, Vivica Fox should have taken the hint when her parents named her like that and got herself into porn. With an ass that looks ready for a cock-pumping, a tramp stamp that screams ho, and a cleavage that is in desperate need of a titty fuck, I say Ms. Fox is in a bad career path. I wouldn’t be surprised if she hit a dead-end somewhere with that job of hers. Pff, actress indeed.

But we shouldn’t discount the fact that Vivica A. Fox is trying to make the best out of living a tame career in entertainment. These perfectly sexy lingerie pictures of her are enough to see she does have what it takes to fill out the shoes her smut-loving parents gave her. Her agent should hook her up with more hardcore movies so we can stop with all this foolish business of seeing her in clothes and see her naked. Dammit.

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