Evelyn Lozada selfshooting topless

There are few things better than seeing sexy black babes posing, and seeing those sexy black broads naked is one of them! Evelyn Lozada, ex-trophy wife of Antoine Walker and star of the reality show Basketball Wives, proves this long stated fact by stripping into her undies and posing with her tits out. The fact that Evelyn Lozada chose to stage her skanky side project at home shows this ebony slut’s got enough time in her hands for a little more than a titty show-and-tell.

And if you don’t believe how skanky Evelyn Lozada can be, just check out how widely she spreads her legs in bed while getting a clear shot of her yummy black titties. A little wider and my cock might actually fit inside her virgin pussy. Just kidding. She needs to go all the way to fit my cock in her cunt!

All cock-related ribbing aside, this hot piece of celebrity trash may not be helping her career grow, but it is making our dicks grow bigger in anticipation! Check out more of Evelyn Lozada’s private titty pictures and start fapping.

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