Ciara And Her Ample Choco Boobs And Stiff Nips Says Hi

Ciara and her boobies are sizzling up the pages of Ebony Hollywood this week for her awesome sideboobs and nipple flashing combo! The luscious and sensually amped choco celebrity is showing off her delectable bra-less boobies out in the open. She decided to skank it out on some red carpet event and the female pop celebrity is giving us exactly what we want. An open view of her tasty ebony boobs! Rarely do we see a nipple slip, side boob and tit slip combo in one but these sultry tit flashing alluring photographs of Ciara did all that.

I really think that the choco star intended to have her breasts photographed. We have been asking for some breast flash from this young singing star for quite so long and thankfully enough Ciara made it happened. Unfortunately, midway through the red carpet’s photo op, the sultry ebony star slash cock-tease became uncomfortable about her bra-less titties hanging around. Check out Ciara’s side boob pictures and look at her hands, it appears she’s not sure if she’ll button up her shirt, tuck in her boobies, pull out her boobs or what. Girl, if you’ve decided to skank it out, skank it out all the way.

Ciara needs to have a seminar from Lindsay Lohan. At least that bitch knows how to go all the way. But I’m not totally pissed, these are scorching hot still pictures of Ciara’s boobies. Not pissed at all. Grab your hands on more scandalous celebrity moments with only the hottest choco stars of Hollywood only at Ebony Hollywood!

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