Tia Mowry Gives A Light Cameltoe Peak In Her Toasty Spandex Pants

Ebony Hollywood brings us a sweet cameltoe sighting in spandex in this week’s photo updates! The yummy cameltoe belongs to ebony celeb Tia Mowry who is seen in these photos while she’s wearing a spandex outfit. The delightfully dark skinned star was caught flashing her plump cameltoe while she’s on her way to her pilates class.

I really think that this delicious chocolate skinned star is intentionally flashing her vagina underneath that tight spandex. The whole world knows that female celebrities in spandex almost always get caught having pictures of their cameltoes taken. So a female Hollywood celebrity know for a fact that wearing tight and sexy spandex outdoors would guarantee getting her cameltoe pictures posted on the net in just a couple of seconds. That’s how slutty Tia Mowry is and her cameltoe snaps shows no signs of shame on this ebony celeb. She shouldn’t be, that’s one extra fine cameltoe and I wonder if this ebony celeb is wearing panties underneath those workout pants?

We just hope that there will be more cameltoe sightings of Tia Mowry! So keep it up girl, go ahead and do your pilates thing every day and make sure your wearing those tight spandex! There are more sensuous photos of Tia Mowry and other hot ebony celebs to enjoy inside Ebony Hollywood, the best place to see kinky ebony celeb moments!

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Mariah Carey Whores Out Those Ebony Tits And Butt During A Movie Shoot

mariah carey exposing her cleavy

It’s been awhile since we last seen hit songstress Maria Carey strut her sweet and voluptuous body out in public and we’d nearly forgotten about her. You can’t blame the boys Mariah darling, because there’s a lot of competition out there. Bitchy teen celebs half your age are skanking it out like never before. Fortunately there’s a bunch of sizzling hot photographs of Mariah Carey this week to remind us all that she is the bomb, and all those scandalous celebrities and reality celebrity wannabes out there are garbage compared to her hotness. Guys, we bring you a bunch of candid pics of Mariah Carey and her stunning voluptuous figure!

mariah carey shows off her cleavage in a tight dress

Well, from the looks of these photos, our singing diva still has it! Mariah Carey’s dress just can’t contain her legendary ebony curves and it is just a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen! These candid pictures of Mariah was taken during the set of her newest flick Butler, which is in production somewhere in New Orleans. Apparently the humidity made Mariah Carey’s dress shrink or this ebony celeb is just to curvey for that brown dress. Either way we get great views of her luscious tits and mouth watering butt!

mariah carey sex pictures leaked

I don’t care what they say, Maria Carey pics doesn’t make her look fat at all! There’s a difference from being chubby to being seductively shapely! This songstress is all woman and we’d love to see more of her large assets, those big choco jugs and that awesome ebony booty are always a welcome sight! If you like to see more of her and other ebony celebs skanking it out, drop by Ebony Hollywood today to get your hands on more scandalous ebony celeb moments!

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Sexy MILF Halle Berry Has Most Of Her Body Weight On Those Meaty Tits

halle berry lick worthy tits and armpits

There are a lot of things to ask Halley Berry, WTF? are you single right now and where the hell is that engagement ring? It was just early this year that this black Hollywood celeb got an engagement proposal from her boyfriend Olivier Martines, but it seems this eternally youthful dark skinned movie star wanted to let the whole world to know that she’s not getting hitched to the guy. The paparazzi saw her the other day while at a friend’s place, pics of Halle Berry while she’s wearing a pretty skanky fishnet shirt revealed her fingers are ring free.

halle berry see through top

Too bad for the future ex-bf, I mean just look at these alluring candid photos of Halle Berry! She doesn’t look 46 years old, she’s an ebony bombshell and this actress appears to have slowed down the aging process. Physically fit and beauty wise she’s totally hot. But if you are used on seeing Halle Berry in her classy and stylish form, this black celebrity seems on a dressed down mode. She’s either avoiding attracting attention to herself for her still unverified stoppage of the engagement, or Halley berry is just checking us if we can still notice her tasty jugs, sweet ass and overall ebony allure even when in plain clothes.

halley berry flexing her boobs

Well Ms. Halle Berry, we are sorry to say that your fine piece of ebony ass as well as thouse cougar set of jugs can still be admired even if you wear garbage. One thing we noticed on these photos of Halle Berry tho’, this celeb is skinny. The only meaty thing on her are those funbags. So it’s all good. If you want to see more of Halle Berry’s ebony hotness and other ebony celebs, drop by at Ebony Hollywood today!

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Bikini Hottie Angela Simmons Having Fun At A Maimi Beach

Ebony Hollywood gives us a treat this August with Angela Simmon’s sensual bikini pictures! This 24 year old cocoa celebrity is a sexy beachcomber and she’s gracing the beaches of Miami while dressed in a very skimpy two-piece sting bikini. Feast your eyes on this dark skinned hottie’s beautiful ebony figure with her 100% natural boobies and awesome big butt.

If you think Angela Simmons is yet another network hashed reality celeb, this bikini clad beach vixen is far from the common reality TV stars sprouting all over TV land. This MTV Run’s House star is the perfect example of elegance, brains and sensuality! Ebony celebrity Angela Simmons manages and operates her own fashion company besides being a stylish fashion designer and editor in chief of a monthly youth magazine that covers everything hip on the teen niche. Yes, Angela Simmon’s naughty beach pictures might not show it, but her brains matches those huge hooters and sweet ass!

It’s not hard to fall in love with her beauty and the good news is, this choco skinned TV celeb is always at the beach displaying her newest swimwear design, most are scrimpy and racy as they are fashionable. Who cares if this babe is selling out? It’s good business, she gets to advertize her swim wear collection, and we get to cream our pants looking at Angela’s bouncy black tits and awesome ass! I say let this TV celeb frolick as much as she wants, on any sandy beach she likes! Expect more sensuous bikini pics of Angela Simmon all summer long!

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Bootylicious Ciara in tight pants

We’ve spotted bootylicious Ciara wearing tight jeans as she leaves The Ivy in Beverly Hills. as she’s about to get in her car,we can’t resist focusing on Ciara’s big booty…oooh so big and shapely…makes me want to fuck her in standing doggystyle right then and there.

Ciara’s getup resembles that of Charlie’s Angels in which the tight jeans’ waistline extends up to her tummy and the long sleeved shirt’s front is barely closed by tying both ends. And thanks to that,Ciara’s cleavage shouts “peek-a-boo!” to us.

We have all known Ciara for being so naughty when she dances on stage showing off her big booty shaking moves that never fails to magnetize our peckers and jack off right after the show. Whoever she dated with is just so friggin’ lucky fucking that unforgettable big butt of Ciara. Let’s all spank and fuck that Ciara’s big booty!

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Amber Rose boobies almost popped out

We’ve caught up the curvy model Amber Rose in the recent Billboard Music Awards and we’re just astounded by what she wears that night. I can’t deny the fact that she has a flare for good fashion but the tiny white dress could’ve make Amber Rose’s massive boobies pop out in no time.

Amber was kind enough to give us her sweet smile and we’re just glad to zoom in our lens even closer. Check out those big pair of boobs! How would you like to slap your dick simultaneously on Amber’s melons like a kid wanting to have fun on a trampoline?

With a fine ass like that, Amber’s fiance Wiz Khalifa must be having a time of his life fucking Amber Rose doggystyle. I could hear the slapping sound off her butt just by imagining her getting doggy-fucked…it’s music to my ears. That,plus the cushiony feel of her thick butt and the sweet sound of Amber’s moaning is probably the best formula for a perfect Amber Rose dogstyle.

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Gabrielle Union shows some skin with her bikini

Gabrielle Union soaked up the sunshine in a nice little bikini. It’s no surprise that the 40-year-old has kept in such great shape, after all she is best known for her role as ‘Isis’ in the movie, ‘Bring It On’ where she plays a cheerleader. I love how prominent Gabrielle Union’s nice ass is.

Gabrielle Union showed off her rocking physique in a tiny black bikini that she paired with a cowboy hat. The curvy former model looked like she could easily still pose in front of the camera as she sauntered around the sands. Gabrielle recently revealed she is always careful when she goes in the skin, despite having dark skin. The Bad Boys star said: ‘I don’t tan on purpose, but I do a lot of beach workouts. But I go SPF 110.” But who cares about that SPF sh*t? I’d rather slide my dick inside Gabrielle Union’s cunt.

I kind of envy Gabrielle’s BF Dwayne Wade for having such a creamy caramel GF. I bet Dwayne is having a time of his life banging Gabrielle Union’s pussy just as he dribbles basketball in the court.

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Mel B is a hot MILF

I’ll give you what you want what you really really want. We’ve caught the scary spice MILF Miss Mel B wearing tight clothes that accentuate the contour of her curvy MILFy body. Armed with a badass camera, we quickly took hot pictures of Mel B in tight clothes. With curves like this, it’s better off for a little fantasy of shredding Mel B’s clothes off and immediately stab your penis into her pussy.

I remember when she’s performing for a crowd during Spice Girls days, she goes all out, shaking her caramel tits, pumping her ass off, and all these in tight, tiny outfits that are so quick to betray Mel B with a little nipslip or upskirt especially when she does the signature Spice Girl front kick. I haven’t personally gone front row on any of Mel B’s performances, which is regrettable. I want to see Mel B’s jiggling tits shaking dangerously out of their dresses, until just the right moment when one of them turns into a full-blown boobslip.

Mel B’s spicy figure, strong MILFy thighs, and her sexy moves are well enough to make me sticky in the dick. You get to see more sexy candid pictures of Mel B inside…and I know for sure that’s what you really really want.

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Beyonce in a see-through gown

Who doesn’t fantasize on Beyonce? The queen of Bootylicious has launched millions of hard penises shooting cum in the air–Beyonce should just shout “put your penises in the air” in every concert. Too bad an ugly motherfucker like Jay-Z is lucky enough to land on Beyonce’s ebony vagina. But fret not because we’re lucky enough to take snapshots of Beyonce in a revealing dress wherein you could almost see all of Beyonce’s hidden gems.

Hoooly shit! I don’t know about you guys but I’m definitely growling with hornyness in this angle…like a starving tiger spotting at a nearby prey. Beyonce’s butt shot is definitely making penises all over the world explode…like a mad terrorist converting into a suicide bomber. Bin Laden should’ve been a good fit for her instead of Jay-Z! Anyway,I’m definitely loving this angle. Dogstyle fantasies comes into play.

Now this one’s a killer! Is Beyonce a murderer or what! Humping Beyonce in dogstyle position while spanking her ass…isn’t that what comes into your mind? You’re lame if it’s not! Beyonce is now a certified MILF! Just look at how she looks now right after giving birth…still hotter as hell! alright…I’m getting a bit furious here. Why don’t you guys hop on in and enjoy more of Beyonce’s hot and revealing snapshots?

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Evelyn Lozada selfshooting topless

There are few things better than seeing sexy black babes posing, and seeing those sexy black broads naked is one of them! Evelyn Lozada, ex-trophy wife of Antoine Walker and star of the reality show Basketball Wives, proves this long stated fact by stripping into her undies and posing with her tits out. The fact that Evelyn Lozada chose to stage her skanky side project at home shows this ebony slut’s got enough time in her hands for a little more than a titty show-and-tell.

And if you don’t believe how skanky Evelyn Lozada can be, just check out how widely she spreads her legs in bed while getting a clear shot of her yummy black titties. A little wider and my cock might actually fit inside her virgin pussy. Just kidding. She needs to go all the way to fit my cock in her cunt!

All cock-related ribbing aside, this hot piece of celebrity trash may not be helping her career grow, but it is making our dicks grow bigger in anticipation! Check out more of Evelyn Lozada’s private titty pictures and start fapping.

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